Whether you are a candidate or you have an issue you want to fight for, let me help you be successful.



When Caitlin came to me, she had a simple goal: win the position of State Representative in Connecticut's 132nd District. Caitlin was a progressive with big ideas, running against a long-term and well-liked Republican incumbent. Though Caitlin faced an uphill battle, the race become closer and closer as time went on and strategy was employed. This strategy included a hands-on grassroots approach. We gathered large groups of volunteers to canvass neighborhoods, and Caitlin made personal connections with constituents. As the campaign continued on, it became clear Caitlin's goal was less about winning the campaign and more about fighting for the issues. Caitlin cared deeply about getting campaign funds to cover childcare. So, our strategy changed. We connected with news networks both locally and nationally, including Vox and the Huffington Post. The issue spread, becoming a nationwide debate. Eventually, we sued the state of CT to fight for the rights Caitlin thought all candidates deserve.


Jonathan was a long-term Democratic incumbent in Westport, CT. In 2018, news cycles were filled with discussion of the Blue Wave. Yet, just like progressives, conservatives were inspired to run by Trump's victory. Jonathan faced a Republican opponent who gained support of Republican constituents. Since Jonathan is a moderate Democrat, Republicans switching over to his opponent was hurting his chances of winning. His opponent also had something Jonathan lacked: a strong social media presence. Jonathan came to me for social media strategy, and he left with a won election.


Jack was only 16 when he ran for Governor of Kansas. There was a bigger goal behind this move than to win the election: to inspire a new generation to get involved in politics. During the course of Jack's campaign, we got stories about him published in NPR, the Washington Post, ABC News, the Wall Street Journal, Vice, CNN, BBC, New York Magazine, and the New York Times. Jack also interviewed on shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live! and CBS.